Borrow the Codigo Universo Exhibition


In our times the Abilities to understand Art are endless. There many different approaches for many different people. The Exhibition Codigo Universo provides a new different approach. A "Scheme" for Everyone.

There is no need for a well grounded knowing of Art history, but anyhow does the exhibition increases the consciousness of the observer. The Aim of Codigo Universo is to overcome the awe of the "Great ones" in Art History. The Exhibition wants to help those who wants to understand how important creativity is and how it can be the key to wealth.

As defined by Joseph Beuys, the Exhibition is going to show you step by step the different layers of an Artwork. Codigo Universo see's itself as a first Access to Art.

It's important to share this kind of Experience and not to fix it at a certain place. Therefore we're offering the Codigo Universo as a loan to a museum, which is sharing our opinion. For Free. We're organizing logistics, curator, a catalog and provide you with varied media(e.g. Video and Website), on demand. To refinance our Expenditure we're depending on sponsorships and donations. Also we're depending on a percentage of your Admission. We are a non-profit foundation.